I can't see images

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I can't see images

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I was just looking through the forum (I just made an account). I found the "What does your OS look like" thread. When I went to have a look I can't see any of the images for some reason. All I see is the word "Image" over and over.

What is the problem here? Is it on my end? Do I not have permission to see images?


For the forum registration question, "b········r" without a space should be accepted as an answer as well as "b··· ·····r" with a space. I was confused for about 20 minutes not able to get through because of that.
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Re: I can't see images

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noneuclideanmotion wrote:I found the "What does your OS look like" thread.
I don't think very many of the image hosts from 18 years ago are still around today.

Do you have trouble with more recent images?
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