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OSDev Wiki access FAQ

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:58 pm
by chase
How do I edit pages?
The OSDev Wiki restricts editing privileges to cut down on spam and to increase the quality of the articles. To edit pages you must log into the wiki with a forum account that belongs to the wiki group.

How do I get editing access?
Request access to the wiki usergroup from the User Control Panel, The wiki group is open enrollment so any registered member of the forums may join the group.

How do I create an OSDev Wiki account?
You don't. The wiki and the forums are integrated. Create a forum account and request editing rights to the wiki(see the question above).

How do I tell if I have editing rights?
Look at the Usergroups for the forums. If you are a member of the wiki group then you have access.

My edits are not appearing
The wiki uses a moderation system and the first couple of edits you make will be sent to a moderation queue.

How do I moderate the wiki?
Moderators will be alerted to edits in the moderation queue when logging into the wiki. Moderators can also visit

How do I become a moderator?
By making contributions to the forums or the wiki you will be eligible to request moderation access. If you have not already been granted wiki moderator priledges you may request them on the wiki forum.

I belong to the wiki usergroup but can not log into the wiki.
The software that controls the wiki is more restrictive about characters used in usernames. If you have spaces, underscores, or other special characters it will be required to edit your username. You can change your username in the User Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit account settings, ... eg_details.