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 Post subject: Re: Targeting OSDevers
PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:50 am 
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pistachio wrote:
It seems like this discussion is going nowhere.
I agree. It seems you are reading selectively and neglecting evidences. Let me give you some examples:
pistachio wrote:
OS developers are not targeted
This is a perfect example. I never wrote that this forum is being targeted, or that OS developers as a whole are being targeted. Actually it's quite the contrary what I wrote. I only argued that *certain* OS developers were targeted, neither of which being a member on this forum as far as I know.
pistachio wrote:
narratives of one man's life
Another perfect example. I gave at least three life stories, two of which being an OS developer. But never mind, you only saw one, neglecting the rest.
pistachio wrote:
I hope my point is not lost in the wording.
It seems mine was surely lost. Or at least you are refusing to read what does not fit into your picture of the world. No offense, this is a very typical human error. Legend has it, that the native indians were unable to see Columbus' ships either, because they were unable to imagine such a huge thing not sinking (there's a hidden sarcasm in this sentence, be aware). The only way to overcome this shortcoming of the human psyche is to use the scientific method, that's what it's for. It eliminates subjective and provides objective.
pistachio wrote:
It is not enough to say "there is no evidence that they are not."
Exactly my point. Yet you (in plural) are keep saying just that, instead of showing any evidence. Accusations and personal attacks like calling me paranoid does not really an evidence of any kind. An ancient wise man, Euclid once said: "Never believe anything just because someone said so". Or if you prefer humor, read the principle of bullshit (seriously, worth reading).

However I agree, this conversation is going nowhere (not until you accept and use the scientific method), so I kindly ask the moderators to lock this topic.


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