hexcube and introduction
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Author:  INF1n1t [ Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  hexcube and introduction


Back then in 2006 I think I had this hobby project of making an operating system. Managed to get somewhere and I had a boot loader that would be copied on a floppy disk and then it would load my OS which would display some "hello world" statement or, in 99% of the situations: a blank black screen. To me it was a great achievement to somehow get the assembly code done for the boot loader, even if it sounds a bit dull now that I'm writing about it. Unfortunately, all is lost now and I'm thinking of remaking it (it's code name was inf0x) just so I can at least put it on a wall with frame, covered in gold..

Anyway, 11 years later I decided to come back to this forum, might be because of nostalgia, I can't say. This post is kind of an reintroduction post ( I am from Bulgaria ).
I also wanted to ask - probably the administrators would know that - back then osdev had a design that had a (don't laugh) goat? or something like that. It also had programming challenges amongst the tutorials related to OS development. There was one about sorting out the heights of skyscrapers, one about a hexcube that had to be solved much like a rubics cube. They were super cool so my question is: where are they? Are they relocated somewhere else?

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