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Author:  vvaltchev [ Sat Oct 01, 2022 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Not-just-for-fun OS development

klange wrote:
vvaltchev wrote:
After that, about the "re-write the whole software stack" topic, I believe there has been a misunderstanding: I'm not opposing doing that on principle, I'm in reality arguing that it's unfeasible and unrealistic in 99.9% of the cases. Despite that, I like a lot the whole idea of the "integrated ecosystem" and probably will spend some time playing with SerenityOS, as soon as I have some extra time and feel better.

Wow, that's insulting. You tell me I'm unfeasible and unrealistic, and then you say you're interested in another project with my goals instead of mine?
Man, it looks like you're totally and genuinely convinced that I somehow disrespect you and your projects, no matter what I say. I mentioned SerenityOS for two reasons:

1. It was actually the project with powerful GUI, a text editor and a whole browser that made me stop for a moment and think about what kind of projects interest more the osdev people today. The project started only in 2018, and it had an incredible success, with 20k+ stars on Github, 700+ unique contributors etc. Only recently I realized how popular the project has become. It's a good example to learn from, even if I keep my comments about how making a whole "desktop OS" with all the software within is still "unfeasible and unrealistic", even with all the contributors that the project currently has.

2. I already knew about your project, as it existed for many years now. Two or three years ago, I spent some time building and running it on QEMU. So, I wanted to take a look for curiosity at the newest "top project", which is SerenityOS at the moment. Why being offended by that? Your project held the 1st place in terms of popularity and features for many years, and it totally deserved that. Just, it was meant to be a personal project, not a "community project" as you stated yourself in the README. That's why a "community project" like SerenityOS (maybe with similar goals) got the chance to become more popular, thanks to its contributors. There is NOTHING to offended here.

My "interest" in other projects (than mine) stops on building and running them on QEMU, in order to evaluate their features, levels of stability, performance etc. Since your project is not a "community project", does it really matter to you? I really don't understand why do you feel to attacked/offended by me. I even think that your GUI and the python interpreter are pretty cool. The point about not being "useful" in the real-world, contains nothing offensive per se. Most of the projects here (except for rdos as far as I know) are not ready to be used in production and it's not everybody's goal them to be. As far as I've understood, you don't care about "regular" people using your OS.

Believe me or not, there is ZERO hate / disrespect from my side towards you or your projects. I hope you could say the same.

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