finishd degree 6 years than usual, does it favor for ageism?
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Author:  ggodw000 [ Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  finishd degree 6 years than usual, does it favor for ageism?

It has become evident ageism is an issue in IT industry. Most conventional kids will graduate their degree between 18-22 I believe. Due to lack family hardship etc., I did not get to complete my BS until the age of 28. Which is not too bad but not too great either. That is like 6 years of lapse compared to how majority will graduate. However, i was thinking, well, this lapse will work in favor as my resume shows I graduate 6 yr more recently than similarly aged folks, meaning now I am approaching 41 and at least no my resume (without background check), I look someone of age at perhaps 35, counting number of years worked. Obviously at least till the background check (which can include bday), interviewers are not supposed to ask (at least most do not) for age.

Could it work in my favor?

Author:  Solar [ Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: finishd degree 6 years than usual, does it favor for age

I don't really get the core of your answer here.

Generally speaking, a resumé paints a picture, in which age is only one stroke of the brush. A good recruiter will look at the total picture, instead of just filtering for keywords / values. Whether some more years of experience "being human" work in your favor or not strongly depends on the company. I've had talks where my age and somewhat meandering "early years" were held against me, I've been contacted by a recruiter explicitly because of my being a bit older ("to bring some experience and calm into a young team").

Also generally speaking, the longer you worked in the business, the less your "early years" will matter, long since eclipsed by the experience you earned in the meantime.

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