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Author:  grenders22 [ Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  AHCI


I do not have any problems. And without paging read perfectly. And with virtual addressing, the disk is read without ceasing, you can understand it by a light bulb and sounds. Writing the AHCi driver according to the instructions from osdev. https://wiki.osdev.org/AHCI. The reading code is taken from there. In the final stage.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Author:  Korona [ Sat Jan 26, 2019 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AHCI

This seems to be the wrong forum; OSdev would be more appropriate.

Anyway: do you realize that the AHCI (and in general all devices) expect physical addresses? If need to probably allocate buffers and DMA structures in physical memory and pass their physical addresses to the device. Specifically, the device cannot "see" the page translation; it just sees plain physical RAM.

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